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Current Student at Math and Science Academy (Dulles High School)

I found that my years in Honor Roll immensely helped me at the Dulles Math & Science Academy by sharpening my math and language skills, building a foundation in art and drawing, and being available to talk about high school and transitioning out of 8th grade. I took Contest Math which taught me tricks for solving equations and arithmetic which helped me keep a pace in my quizzes and tests in high school. My math teachers built a strong foundation in Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and basic math which now pays off. I remember how the Geometry and Algebra teacher was very interactive with us and made class fun and one to look forward to. My Spanish teacher implemented a myriad of vocabulary in the curriculum, and it stuck with me through the years and helped me in Spanish III. The art class I took during middle school did a very good job with teaching the basics for drawing (shading, coloring, view points, ect). I take art in Dulles, and I find it quite easy since I have that art foundation. In addition, the teachers and counselors are always available for talking or asking any inquiries about high school, and it was nice to know they were there for us. I had so many cherishable memories in this school. One that I remember was how the school had an International Day celebration where students would come in their cultural attire. Parents and middle schoolers would show and teach the younger students about different countries and the food, clothes, and dances associated with them. Being at Honor Roll was a memorable and enriching experience.

Current Student at St. Agnes Academy

THRS certainly prepared me for the craze that is high school. One area in particular that I’ve found myself finding easier has especially been in my academics. Having an advanced curriculum, THRS allowed me to be one step ahead going into freshman year. From learning how to write a clear thesis and structure an essay to note taking skills and organization, I have never appreciated what THRS has done for me more than I do now. Taking classes like biology, geometry and Spanish before high school was also a huge help in that I have a better grasp on many of the topics that high school classes expand on. Academically, THRS prepared me for high school better than I ever could have imagined, and I am grateful for that. Another area in which I have found myself looking back to my THRS days has been teacher-student relations. At THRS, we were always encouraged to ask for help from our teachers, to be open with them, and to allow them to help us through our academic journeys. I can safely say that this foundation in relationships with my teachers has brought me so much comfort in the classroom environment, even in high school. Asking for help, tutorials and more practice has been something that I’ve grown to be comfortable with because of the teacher-student relationships at THRS. Even to this day, I still email some of my old teachers for help! I don’t think I ever really thought about how much THRS really prepared me for high school until my first day of freshman year, but it’s safe to say that now, I appreciate it more than ever.

Current Student at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory

Going to THRS since I was young has allowed me to grow in all the categories. Responsibility has been taught by the teachers at Honor Roll. That has really allowed me to persevere through the difficult academic challenges and have helped me learn techniques to study. The school provides many extracurriculars and electives to let us try different things out. I did archery, basketball, and soccer and the sports have allowed me to make friends and play the game when we hang out. Through the electives at Honor Roll, I’ve been able to choose some amazing fine arts classes at Jesuit such as mixed media and ceramics. I feel that I have always been a social person because THRS has shaped me into the leader that I am today. They have so many opportunities for leadership and engaging activities which allows me to be social and engage. That has really allowed me to blossom in high school as I am able to talk to more people and engage in conversations on the daily.

Current Student at Austin High School

I graduated from THRS as a lifer in 2022. I am now a freshman in Austin HS. Thanks to the academic opportunities at THRS, I was able to start high school with 5 credits already completed. I am now in Algebra II, Chemistry, and taking other AP classes. While at THRS, I participated in band and learned how to play the flute. Thanks to this, I am part of my high school band where I have been selected as 2nd chair for flutes. We participated in Bands of America in the fall, and were able to qualify for the state competition.


Current Student at Episcopal High School

When I was a student at THRS, I probably learned more about myself there than anywhere else. At the beginning of eighth grade, I was still a little immature and a little clueless. However, THRS prepared me to successfully abate the struggles of high school. High school courses (Algebra, Biology, and Spanish) in 7th and 8th grades at THRS gave me the necessary foundation to opt for Honors (Pre -AP) in high school. All that extra homework assignments which often felt impractical, actually was instrumental in preparing for the high school workload. I learned to be a well balanced individual at THRS. It gave me the opportunity to learn/participate in sports and arts. I was continuously reminded at THRS about high school sports competitions being very challenging. The coaches at THRS really helped me understand the importance of trying my best. For example, when I was in the middle of the cross country season at high school, I started at the bottom of junior varsity. Nonetheless, I ran my hardest, and eventually, I was one of the best runners on the varsity team. The Coaches at THRS played a vital role in training me for the high school race, pun intended! My Theatre Arts teacher motivated me to learn Saxophone at THRS. In spring of 2023, I will be performing with my high school band at Universal Studios in Florida. Besides band, she encouraged me to spread my wings and participate in theater at high school, and I participated in the fall theatrical production at my high school! My leap from THRS to high school was silently curated by Ms. Quintero’s guidance with applications and interviews and my teachers’ recommendations!

All along, THRS helped me learn to stay focused on my grades. Academics always comes first. Being a student-athlete at THRS was definitely tough, but I was always reminded that the “student” comes before the “athlete.” The struggle of trying to balance academics, arts, and athletics at THRS was challenging. Nonetheless, it prepared me for a more demanding and much harder high school life. One of my personal favorite memories at THRS was going to a NJHS meeting early in the morning, attending school during regular hours, playing a basketball game after school, and then participating in a band concert later in the evening – THIS ALL IN ONE DAY!