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Middle School

The Honor Roll School offers a unique and challenging middle school program that spans from 5th-8th grade. Our 5th grade serves as our transitional middle school year. We introduce students to study skills including time management, organization, note-taking and test-taking. These are skills that will serve students well into the future.

Our curriculum for grades 5-8 continues to be comprehensive and challenging while also offering a variety of electives. All of our middle school courses are on an advanced level, with very high expectations. Within those advanced level offerings students have the opportunity to accelerate based on individual progress. Electives broaden students’ educational experience and help them develop individual interests and talents. Students are guided through this process with input from teachers, parents and administrative staff.

Field experiences
Students are given opportunities to apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. We give students unique opportunities to take learning off campus with our curriculum-based field experiences.

Clubs and organizations
We believe in well-rounded students and are proud of our extracurricular clubs and organizations that all middle school students have the opportunity to participate in throughout the school year. We pride ourselves on creating a family atmosphere while all Dolphin students feel a since of belonging and our clubs and organizations play a huge role in creating our friendly atmosphere. Clubs and organizations include:

  • National Honor Societies: Junior, Elementary and Junior Art
  • Student Council
  • Art
  • Guitar
  • Chorus
  • Environmental Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Book Club