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Mrs. Anna Murchison - MS Science

WELCOME to 7th and 8th grade science!!!!!!

I’d like to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year, and to my science class if this is your 1st time visiting this site.  For those of you who are returning for 8th grade, I welcome you to Biology!!!!!  This year, you need only go to one site to be able to reach ALMA, the Weebly, the calendar for the week, and the s’More that is sent out every Sunday with the coming week’s school events:  THRSDolphinDays.com Password: dolphinpride.  Additionally, I will be utilizing IXL for science as reinforcement for science concepts. Please check the Weebly each week for student homework assignments.

So that you know a little something about me, I will tell you that my name is Mrs. Murchison and I teach Pre-AP 8th grade science, Biology, and Pre-Biology. I have been teaching for many years now; all middle school. I love teaching middle school students and preparing them for high school.  The best way to learn is by “doing,” so we will do many things in science, including experiments. Yes, experiments!!!!! I am dedicated to creating and nurturing a life-long love of learning in my students.  My hope is that my students leave me at the end of the year, not only with knowledge of science, but with the tools that will bring them success as they continue their education and life.

I was born in Louisiana and went to LSU for my undergraduate work in Biology, Psychology and French. I also attended Ole Miss where I worked on a degree in Pharmacy. I took a break from school to get married and have two wonderful children and 3 dogs!!!! When my children were in middle school, I went back to school at Texas A&M University and got my master’s degree in education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.  I became certified to teach gifted and talented students, and prior to coming to THRS, was the 8th grade, Pre-Ap science and Biology teacher at the Gifted and Talented Academy in Fort Bend ISD. As you can see, I have lived in more than one state and have gone to school for most of my life. I, too, have a life-long love of learning!!!! Please note that, while I have lived all over, I got to Texas as fast as I could!!!!

I come from a long line of medical and academic doctors.  Therefore, it is natural to think that I combined both and became a science educator.  I have an extensive science background, love teaching, and love learning!!!  As we move through this year in science, my students will receive the benefit of my knowledge and be studying and learning many new and exciting things. If they are in 7th grade, they will study physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, and life science. They will launch rockets, create new substances in chemistry, extract DNA as we study life science, and will dissect a vertebrate animal. Yes, they will get to dissect!!!! How exciting!

In 8th grade, we will focus on Biology, Pre-AP for high-school credit or Pre-Biology. They, too, will do many chemical experiments, extract DNA and teach the lower grade science classes all about it. They will dissect an advanced, vertebrate animal as they learn about the biological world including classification of organisms and plants, structure and function of biological systems, life at the macro-molecular level of protists, fungi, plants and animals. Yes, that includes humans!

Now, it’s time to  blast off and explore our world and beyond!!!!!!! This promises to be a very exciting year in science as we explore and manipulate the natural world around us.

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Biology, Foundations of Biology, and Science 7 Advanced


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