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Ellen Muse - Nurse


Clinical Nurse Specialist with background in administration, consultation and education of Cardiovascular, Cardiopulmonary, Cardiology, Cardiac Rehab, Renal Transplant, Critical Care Services, and Emergency Dept.; clinical experience in School Nursing, Outpatient Surgery, PACU, Endo, ICU, CCU, CPU, Emergency Dept., OR, L&D and Camp Nursing.
University of California, San Francisco
Master of Science in Nursing (Bio dysfunction & Administration)
Texas Women’s University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing


  • If a student becomes ill during the school day & the nurse determines that the student should go home, the parent will be notified by the school nurse or other school personnel and asked to pick up the child.  If parents cannot be contacted, emergency contacts will be notified.  Students should be picked up within an hour of notification.
  • A STUDENT MAY NOT REMAIN IN SCHOOL NOR RETURN TO SCHOOL UNTIL FREE FROM FEVER OF 100.4 OR GREATER, VOMITING, OR DIARRHEA FOR 24 HRS WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF MEDICATION. If your child has any of the above symptoms in the morning before coming to school, keep him/her at home.
  • Please be advised that students may only be given medication that has been brought to the nurse by the parent in it’s original container with the prescription label in place (just write the student’s name on the container if it is an over the counter drug). There must also be a permit to administer medication completed, signed by both the parent and the physician, submitted to the school nurse (no physician signature required if it is an over the counter drug). Students may not carry any type of medication on their person. The parent must bring any medication to the nurse.

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