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Mr. Gaelan Tracy - 5th/6th Grade

Welcome future and current parents and students. I am pleased to announce that I will be
serving as the 5th and 6th grade science teacher at The Honor Roll School. I can’t wait to
tell you about all the great and exciting things I have in store for my students. My classes will
incorporate activities and experiments that will help students to develop 21st century skills such
as creativity, collaboration and communication. As a scientist, it is important to not only be able
to apply your knowledge to solve real world problems but also be able to effectively
communicate your ideas with other scientists. This why the students in my class will be using an
interactive science notebook which encourages students to interact with what they are learning.
They will become used to recording observations, taking measurements, making predictions,
and interpreting results to draw conclusions. I also encourage students to illustrate what they
see in order to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts.
I come from a family of engineers and scientists so it is no surprise that I have developed a
life-long love of science. My grandfather, who worked for Lockheed Martin along with my high
school Chemistry teacher, Michael Minton, are the two people that inspired me to become a
science teacher. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in General Science with Teaching at Temple
University, through the UTeach program, which was originally developed that the University of
Texas in Austin. The program provides broad training in General Science, and prepares students for
a career in secondary school teaching. The education courses in the B.S. with Teaching include
supervised teaching in school district classrooms and emphasize inquiry-based approaches to
While earning my Bachelor’s degree at Temple, I remained actively involved in developing my
skills as a teacher through various extracurricular programs and job experiences. In my
sophomore year I served as assistant teacher for the Step 1/ Step 2 Summer English as a
Second Language Course under the supervision of Dr. Herbert Green. During my student
teaching, at Cook-Wissahickon Middle School, I helped students to develop the necessary skills
to conduct their own, original science fair projects and coached them through preparing for their
formal presentations, while simultaneously teaching 6th and 7th grade science. In my senior year I was involved in Temple’s HSES Carver STEM Program, where I developed and
implemented STEM based instruction for the Caring People Alliance Science Camp at the RW
Brown Community Center. This also involved designing and engineering science models for use
in classroom instruction. Additionally, I assisted staff and acted as facilitator as students designed,
built, and tested Sea Perch ROVs. In my senior year I also received basic training for using Python coding in
bioinformatics applications.
I can’t wait to meet all of you and begin our educational journey!

-Gaelan Tracy

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Classroom Notes

All grades and assignments are posted in Alma http://nlci1751.getalma.com


Class documents such as syllabi and pertinent content to each class will be posted on this website. The link to the fifth/ sixth grade level website is: http://thrsms56.weebly.com