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Mrs. Judith Eberhardt - Third Grade

Welcome to third grade ELA/SS! My name is Judie Eberhardt, and I have been teaching for twenty two years, both in private school and public school. I graduated with a degree in English/Education from Centenary University
in Hackettsown, NJ and continued with my Master’s degree in Educational Practices from Centenary University as well. I have completed eighteen graduate credits in Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, as well as 30 hours of GT training. I enjoy reading, exercising, shopping and playing with my adorable 5 year old Yorkie, Buster. My husband, Buster, and I live in Richmond.

One of my most enjoyable writing experiences was writing for a teacher’s website for grades 1-4. I also wrote a poem that was used for a TV show in England which is similar to our Sesame Street.

When teaching, I have a very simple philosophy; have fun. I strongly believe if the student enjoys learning and wants to come to school, they will be more engaged. Hands-on is an approach that students enjoy. They want to be part of their learning experience.

Over the years, a teacher will learn and understand each individual personality and will be able to adjust their teaching accordingly. It is truly an honor to teach your child and watch them develop to their fullest potential.

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