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Saroja Juloori - 1st Grade

Hi to all! Welcome to First Grade/Jultown!

My Philosophy
All children learn and they learn in different ways and at their own pace. Children learn best in an environment in which they feel happy and safe. I focus on how children learn, how to problem solve, how to integrate and use past experience to gain new information, how to gather data and learn to process. I believe in instilling a love of learning in children, helping each child feel secure enough to ask questions when they do not understand a concept, make learning meaningful for them, strengthen their math, and reading skills along with augmenting vocabulary /comprehension skills for a successful first grade experience.

Finally a little about me:
I have been teaching at The Honor Roll School since 1995. Previous to that I taught Kindergarten at another school for five years. I graduated from Osmania University in India with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biology. I trained as a teacher, got married and followed my husband to the U.S. In Houston I attended classes at TSU. I have two boys and am so proud of their accomplishments. My older son is a physician and my younger son, an engineer. Raising two wonderful children and being a teacher has taught me to be a better person, understand children, be a kid again, laugh with them and enjoy every moment. Every day is a new day with first graders, and I not only enjoy teaching them but learning from them as well.

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Classroom Notes

All the grades will be posted in ALMA. My email is rosie.juloori@thehonorrollschool.com. My phone number is 281-265-7888 ext. 1038.