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Sandy Honeycutt - 2nd Grade

2nd gradeWelcome to the THRS family! My name is Sandy Honeycutt, and this is my 14th year of teaching 2nd grade at THRS. My professional experience includes 20 plus years of teaching including developing and facilitating government training programs for vocational positions, as well as five years of administrative and financial management for a worldwide coatings company, and brokering urethane petrochemicals for several years. While I am certified K-12 (with GT training), at this time in my life I find my passion for teaching lies at the 2nd-3rd grade level. I love teaching alongside the THRS family. I work with the most amazing, motivating, and supportive set of professionals. Our collaboration times are inspiring. It has been a wonderful blessing to see our children grow and bloom as learners throughout the years as we follow them through their school days year after year. I am looking forward to another rewarding year here at THRS! While teaching is my passion, my greatest achievement is being a mom to my three amazing children and two grandchildren. In my free time I enjoy jazzercise, sports, traveling, and golfing with my friends. One of my favorite quotes about teaching is “Tell me and I’ll forget, Teach me and I’ll remember, Include me and I’ll learn!” I am looking forward to another exciting school year with wonderful THRS Dolphins!

Updated Monday 08-3-2020 06:28pm

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