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Sonal Marwaha - Librarian

My name is Sonal Marwaha, and I’m known as Ms. M to most students and parents. I’ve had the privilege of being with THRS since 2011.

This year has brought a new challenge which I have taken on with much excitement and pleasure. I am now leading the STEAM curriculum for our Dolphins along with my earlier role as Librarian.

As a Librarian, I make every effort to support students’ learning and help them become strong, independent readers. Reading is the essential skill that leads to good comprehension and eventually learning in all subjects.

In my capacity as the Librarian, I also organize and manage two book fairs a year that help restock the THRS library with a variety of new books each year. My goal is to keep students engaged by providing them with an enriched environment that is conducive to learning.

As the STEAM teacher, my objective is to provide students with a platform to inquire, engage and explore in a project-based, collaborative environment. In the STEAM Innovation Lab, students become inventors, explorers, investigators and adventurers being introduced to a variety of interdisciplinary topics covering Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, while building careers of the future. Students work closely using a hands-on, applied approach to solve real-world problems. Collaboration and safety in the lab are emphasized at all times and students are encouraged to think outside the box.

I’m looking forward to another year of learning and growth at THRS!

Updated Monday 12-3-2018 09:52pm