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Dr. Subha Venkat - 7th and 8th Grade Science/Biology

Hello dear parents and students I cannot reveal how excited I am to be serving as the 7th and 8th grade Science/Biology teacher at The Honor Roll School. While I started my professional career back in India as a researcher in Cell Biology and continued with it at UC Berkeley, I quickly realized that my heart was in teaching. I sincerely believe it’s one profession where you can contribute significantly to the betterment of the community you live in.

It is important that our students after ingraining a solid foundation of theory can understand the practical and application aspects of the subject. This approach is not only key for retention of knowledge but also prepare them to develop the requisite skills which will help them become the future leaders of our country. Every student is different, and I will strive to identify the subtle variations and ensure to address them using different teaching techniques and methodologies.

I come to this position with an extensive background in Biology and Science.  After graduating with a Masters in Cell Biology I completed my Doctorate in Life Sciences at Bhabha Atomic Research Center, India’s premier nuclear research facility I started my professional career at UC Berkeley as a Research Associate and Lab Manager and it is there I discovered my passion for teaching. Over the past 5 years I have been teaching Biology at Houston Community College.  Also, during this time I have worked closely with Elkins High School covering classes for their Science/Biology Department.

I come from a family of engineers, scientists and accountants and grew up always encouraged to analyze and rationalize whatever knowledge was imparted to me.   I am proud mother of two wonderful children, a son who has completed his graduation from UC Berkeley as a Computer Scientist and is pursuing a career in research and a daughter who aspires to be an Environmental Scientist.  My husband serves as a Senior Manager with IBM.

Last but not the least I believe that “Nothing is Impossible, what matters is your conviction and a desire to go above and beyond to attain your goals”.


Phone Number: (832) 532 2955 x1036

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