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Thalia Lopez de Cardenas - Middle School Spanish

Bienvenidos! I am Mrs. López de Cárdenas and I teach Spanish to all levels in Middle school. .

I was born in México City where I grew up and lived until I got married 35 years ago! Then fate took me to live in several countries in South America where I had the opportunity to learn about the different cultures of the Hispanic world. Even though I majored in electronic engineering, my traveling got me into the teaching profession. I taught math at the beginning, but when I started teaching Spanish, I simply fell in love with it!

For over twelve years I was a part time instructor at the Wharton Junior Community College but, as I watched my two sons grow up in the Fort Bend District I dreamed about being a part of it. In 2006 I got my Texas Teaching Certification and had the opportunity to work on The North campus Middle School in Pasadena and later I taught basic Spanish and Spanish for natives in Travis High school here in The Fort Bend District.

Once more, in 2008, life took me to Venezuela and México were I completed my certification on Teaching Spanish as a second Language. (“Formación de Profesores Ele”) and in 2013 I was offered a position here in THRS. I feel very blessed! I love kids and I have the perfect opportunity to share my culture, my experiences and my love for the Spanish language.

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Spanish IA, IB, II


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