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Tom Charkalis - Kindergarten

Teach * Encourage* Mentor* Guide* Inspire*

Welcome to Mr. Tom’s Kindergarten where a love of learning is our main goal!

* All children learn.

* Children learn in many different ways and at their own pace.

* Never discourage a child who continually makes progress no matter how slowly. Plato

* Happy, engaged, motivated children learn Best!

* Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Anonymous

* Children learn not only from the teacher but from each other and from interacting with the materials in the classroom.

* “Tell me and I forget. Teach me I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Ben Franklin

My classroom is divided into a number of learning areas or centers where children can work individually, with a friend or in small groups planning, communicating, and working cooperatively while interacting with a variety of materials.

1. Math

2. Science

3. Computer

4. Reading

5. Art

6. Blocks/Building

My classroom is filled with a variety of OPEN ENDED LEARNING MATERIALS … which simply means the materials can be used without instructions by any age child.

Reading: “You cannot open a book without learning something.” Confucius

My number one objective… is for each child not only to learn to read but to learn to love reading!

In my personal classroom library I have thousands of books both fiction and non-fiction on a variety of topics and on every reading level. I work with each child individually, as well as, in small and whole group instruction to help each child reach their personal best.

Learning is not a race but rather a life- long marathon.


Now a few, or perhaps more than a few, words about me…

I am married to a fellow teacher who I met while interviewing her for a teaching job at a previous school, Wesley Academy, where I taught at for 15 years. We have two children Elizabeth,  and Evan.

I graduated from William Paterson College in New Jersey with a B.A. in Education a very long time ago. I also took a number of graduate courses in early childhood education at Bank Street College in NYC.

I have over thirty years of teaching experience forty plus if you count the years I taught numerous young people to cook while working in a sleep away camp’s kitchen as the main cook serving three meals a day for 100 plus campers and staff and then cooking in my family’s restaurants, with a number of those young people pursuing careers in the restaurant business.

I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. My dream was to teach at my elementary school. However, that never happened.  While in college I volunteered at a local day care center in my town, The Dr. David Goldberg Child Care Center. It was there that I was introduced to the wooden unit building blocks that have become an important educational tool in every classroom I have ever worked.  I was offered a teaching position in the Day Care Center where I was volunteering teaching a group of 16 four years old. I loved every minute of the day… or at least every minute of every day I can still remember! I learned a great deal about myself, children, and teaching. I also worked for Head Start, the government sponsored child care program in New Jersey. Again I had a wonderful teaching and learning experience.

In 1998 I was the H.A.A.E.Y.C (Houston Area Association of Education of Young Children) Teacher of the Year.

In 2001 I was The Children’s Museum of Houston’s /Marian and Speros Martel, Early Childhood Teacher of the Year.

I moved to Texas over thirty years ago and for a number of years pursued my other passion cooking, working in the family restaurant business for nearly a decade, before returning to teaching. I am in my tenth year here at THRS. I have taught Kindergarten, first and second grade since graduating from my early childhood years. My love of teaching has never abated. I continue to learn and grow. Each year and each child is a new and unique opportunity for me to be a part of a child’s educational and social development. My main goal as a kindergarten teacher is to foster and augment each child’s innate  interest and desire to grow and learn about the world around them. I am a fortunate man to have a job that I love in a school that values and supports me!

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