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Only At The Honor Roll School

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools, the competition is fierce. What makes families choose The Honor Roll School and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtTHRS. Let us tell you more.

Student Leadership

Students from The Honor Roll School are heralded for their outstanding leadership. Most clubs and organizations at our school are entirely student led. Our assemblies are student-led and help them to become excellent public speakers. In addition, all students participate in service learning projects, from canned food drives for the holidays or helping to raise breast cancer awareness. We even have a fantastic student council that proposes and holds multiple events every year and gives a voice to all students.

Our Special Projects
Field Experience
Field Experience is about placing our students in the real world and applying what they have learned in the classroom. We believe students advance at greater rates through experiential learning and using the world as yet another tool to relate their studies. Hands-on, fun learning elevates students' time here because they not only are restricted to being in a classroom, but they also learn about independence and responsibility.
No Limits to Performance
Only at The Honor Roll School (THRS) can students continuously advance between grade levels. Using our Year Advanced Model, our school allows students to break free from being defined by the restrictive testing standards of Texas and progress in the classroom beyond their age level. We don’t teach to a test and believe that not setting limits for our students can prepare them for the future. Middle schoolers can even earn up to five high school credits during their time at THRS.
Parent Involvement
Parents are an essential part of our school community. Parents are partners and we want them to be present in their students' experience and support their learning. Some opportunities for parents are the Dolphin Athletics Booster Club and the Fine Arts Booster Club. The Honor Roll School is a family away from home and we strive to involve you in as many events as possible.
Try it All

The Honor Roll School is dedicated to cultivating personal interests and passions but letting our students try it all. We have so many clubs and activities for students to participate in so they can refine their interest and make tons of friends along the way. Students can even create their own clubs with a faculty sponsor and a minimum of ten members. THRS clubs include Dungeons and Dragons, Calligraphy, and STEM. We also have athletics for all ages, whether it be middle school sports, junior athletics, or extracurriculars. Students get to experiment with any of their interests and transform them into passions.

Art Awards
Top Notch Athletics
Musical Theatre, behind the scenes
School Band
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